The Increasingly Difficult Decisions Of An Unemployed College Graduate

Hello Ludds:

Are you sick and tired of working a job that you don’t find challenging nor enjoy?

Are you fed up with “Entry Level” jobs that require 5 years of experience?

Are you a University educated 20-something person still looking to find some decent employment?

Well, if you’re that person then please, come along for a ride.

I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Vancouver, British Columbia. I have everything here one could ask for, well except if you’re a young adult trying to start his (or her) life. This is where my story begins.

In my perpetuating search for befitting employment I’ve come to the Internet to not only share my journey, it’s trials and tribulations, but also to raise awareness to this slowly approaching epidemic. What’s going to happen when the baby boomers retire and we have an abundance of educated, yet untrained, people looking for work?

Please join me as I document and outline my eternal search of satisfying employment.

Thanks for reading.

Jobless In Vancouver